Asteroid Alert! a Stadium sized asteroid is moving towards Earth (Passing Date- 24 July)

Topic: Asteroid Alert! a Stadium sized asteroid is moving towards Earth (Passing Date- 24 July)

Report Coming out From NASA that a huge asteroid named ‘2008Go20’ is heading towards earth and will pass earth on 24 July. This ‘2008Go20’ named asteroid, which is nearing earth, has been classified as the Apollo asteroid.

(Apollo Asteroids : Apollo Asteroids are a group of asteroids which are close to earth nearly at a distance less than 1.017 AU. This group (Apollo) Carries the most dangerous asteroids.)

NASA has cleared that the Size of this asteroid is about the size of a stadium and is moving towards earth at a very high speed, and will sur past earth on July 24.

The estimated speed of this asteroid is approximately 8 kilometres per second ( approx 28,800 km/hour) which is a very dangerous speed.

The distance from which it will pass the earth is estimated to be 28,70,847,607 Km which is eight times the distance between Earth and the moon. And the width of this asteroid is 20 km.

Though this asteroid is very dangerous, but we need not to worry about it because it will safely move past earth on July 24, without disturbing our home planet, however NASA is continuously monitoring the position of this asteroid.

Earlier in June, a “Potentially Hazardous” classified asteroid (2021KT1) approximately the size of the Eiffel tower came close to the earth. The distance of approach was 4.5 million km.

The impact of that Asteroid ( 2021KT1) was negligible and hope so the impact of this upcoming asteroid also will be

(Potentially Hazardous Asteroids are groups of asteroids which are closer than 4.6 million km.)


4.6 Billion years ago the formation of our solar system took place. After the formation of planets, moons and other bigger objects. There left some rocky fragments which we call as Asteroids. So, in simple words asteroids are space rocks.

Usually asteroids are classified as Near-Earth objects and are found generally at a distance less than 1.3 times the distance from Earth and the Sun.

Nasa Joint Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which tracks asteroid movement, an asteroid is classified as a near-Earth object when its distance from our planet is less than 1.3 times the distance from Earth to the Sun (the Earth-Sun distance is about 93 million miles).

NASA Joint Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is an organisation which monitors and tracks the movement of asteroids; they are also responsible for the classification of asteroids as an asteroid.

JPL along with China’s National Space Science Center tracks the movement of the asteroids around the Sun. As per estimation NASA tracks over 26,000 near Earth asteroids. And continuously keep an eye on their movement and position. Because no one knows when any of them starts heading towards our earth any time.