8 Most Weird and Strange Exoplanets in the Universe

Topic: 8 Most Weird and Strange Exoplanets in the Universe

8 strangest planets of the universe

1. HD189733B

This strange planet is also known as Deep Blue because it is blue like the Earth, but do not think that you can live on this planet. This planet is very strange, you will have to face the ever-stopping glass rain on this planet. The blue color of this planet comes from its silicate particles which are in the atmosphere of the planet. It rotates from Planet Dayside to the night side at 8700 km/hr. Even 7 times faster than the speed of sound, its speed produces very hot wind which runs from 2 km/sec. This planet is 63 light-years away from us.

2. CFBDSIR 2149-0403

This strange cosmic body known as cf24 is a sunless planet. cf24 is 2 to 3 billion years old and 130 light-years away from Earth, this strange planet was discovered in 2012, its mass is 5 to 9 times greater than Jupiter. It is a very large planet. cf24 radiates heat directly into space and is thought to glow until it cools down and may take millions of years to cool down. Its surface temperature is up to 400 degrees due to its nuclear reaction. And there is also methane and water on this planet.

3. HD-188753

This planet is very strange and the most beautiful star system in this universe, this system is 151 light-years away from us and this planet has three suns. That is, if you stand on its surface, you will see three shadows of your own and you will be able to see very beautiful sunsets of this planet.

4. TRES-2B(Kepler-2B)

It is the darkest planet ever, this planet reflects 1% of its starlight and looks like a black hole. Like the other planets reflect their light quite a lot. Due to not having ammonia in its environment, this strange planet cannot reflect light. It is a Planet 750 light year away and is known as Kepler-2b.


This planet is very old, it is also known as Methuselah, which according to the Bible is the oldest person who was 969 years old. But this planet is 12.7 billion years old after Big Bang. It is 3 times older than the earth, it is known as PSR-B162026B. This strange planet orbits two stars, one of which is a star pulsar and the planet covers 3.4 billion kilometers of distance in a year.

6. WASP-17B

This planet is part of the Puffy Planet Scientific category. Because its size is 1.9 times bigger than Jupiter. Which is the biggest planet in our solar system? But this is only half of its mass. It rotates in the opposite direction from its star, this is because the planet is 7 million kilometers away from its star, this creates a much gravitational pool. But scientists believe that after a few million years, this planet will change its direction and revolve around its star in the right direction.

7. GJ-1214B

It was discovered in 2009 and is completely covered with water. It has a steamy atmosphere. Therefore, scientists have named it Steamy Water World. This planet is not land, so it is not right to live and this planet does not support this strange planet’s biological life. This planet is 47 light-years away.

8. TOI 849 b

This(TOI 849 b) planet was Discovered in 2020 by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). This exoplanet orbits so tightly to its star that a year passes in 18 hours. Don’t bother with constant birthday parties though, as there’s no atmosphere and the 1530°C heat would melt the cake.

What makes TOI 849 b particularly weird though is its strangely hybrid nature. While it’s around the size of gas giant Neptune, it’s dense and rocky not gaseous – in fact, it’s the largest rocky world yet discovered, 40 times as massive as Earth. It may even be the first Chthonian planet to be detected: the exposed remnant core of a gas giant that has had its atmosphere blasted away.