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Topic: Astronomical Events in June, 2021


Hello everyone today we are going to know about Astronomical Events which are going to occur in June, 2021.

In this article we will know at what exact date these astronomical events are going to occur in June, 2021. Now , without wasting our time Lets start this amazing and Beautiful Journey.

New Moon – 10th of June :

On 10th of June at 10:54 UTC, The moon will be located on the same side of the Earth on which the Sun is located. And the moon will not be visible in the night Sky.

And as we know when this phenomenon will occur then there will be no moonlight and thus we will be able to observe beauty of galaxies and star clusters.

So we can say 10th June is the best day to observe these faint objects in the night sky.

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What is new moon ?

So, In short a new moon is a phase of moon which appears firstly.
Now lets move forward and talk about next astronomical event in June, 2021 which is going to occur of the same day of new moon.

Annular Solar Eclipse -10th of June:

On 10th of June another astronomical event is going to occur that is Annular Solar Eclipse.
Now lets learn how Annular Solar Eclipse occurs.

So , an Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when our moon is too far away from our earth and thus the sun is completely covered by the moon.

And because of this covering a ring of light is formed around the darkened Moon. Now , lets talk where this Eclipse will be Visible.

So, this Eclipse will be visible in the Arctic Ocean, Canada, Eastern Russia, and Western Greenland. And a partial eclipse will be visible in the Northern US , Europe and most part of Russia.

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Conjunction of the Moon and Venus -12th of June :

On the 12th of June, after the Sunset you will be able to spot planet Venus and the moon appearing just 1°28′ apart from each other.

Since this phenomenon is going to occur just after two days of new moon. So, the moon will be just two days old and 4 percent illuminated.

So, do not miss this beautiful conjunction of moon and Venus.

Now lets move forward and talk about next conjunction of moon with planet mars.

Conjunction of the Moon and Mars – 13th of June :

On very next day of moon and Venus Conjunction , we will be able to see next Conjunction of Moon and Mars.

This Conjunction will be 2°48′ of each other and this phase of moon will be only 13 percent illuminated.

June Solstice-21st of June :

June Solstice or Summer and Winter Solstice. This is the First day of Summer Called as Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and also it is the First day of winter called as Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

The June Solstice will occur at 3:21 UTC. In this north pole of the earth will be towards the Sun. And will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer of Earth at 23.44 degrees in the north latitude.


Full Moon or Super-moon – 24th of June :

On 24th of June at 18:40 UTC , The moon will be located on the opposite side of our Earth as the Sun Located and this moon will be Full in Size and also it will be fully illuminated.

The another name of this moon is Strawberry Moon , this name was given native Americans . This moon is also known as Rose moon , Because on the day of full moon it shines like a rose.

In this phase of moon our moon will be near Earth and also it will more larger and Brighter as Compared to other day moon. So do not miss this last Super-moon event of 2021.

Now lets see last two Conjunction of Moon with Planet Saturn and Jupiter. These are the last astronomical events in June, 2021.

Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn-27th of June :

On 27th of June Saturn will have Conjunction with Moon Firstly. In this approach Moon and Saturn will be Just 4°01′ apart from each other. With the help of your telescope you can spot Saturn.

Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter – 28th of June :

On the very next morning of 28th June, We will be able to see conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter. In this approach Moon and Jupiter will be just 4°27′ apart from each other.
So do not miss these astronomical events in June,2021.

So, this is all about Astronomical events which are going to occur in June, 2021. I hope you enjoyed reading this Article: Astronomical events in June, 2021. So, that’s it for today, enjoy reading other articles , Have a great day.

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