Can A Black Hole Die ? How Do Black Holes Die?

Can a Black hole die ?

Hello and welcome , today we are going to discuss about black hole’s death. Means Can a Black hole die ? As we all know each and everything which comes in existence will end up one day , So from here we are very clear about the answer that is , Yes a black hole also die. But that process takes so much time and unfortunately no one can see it.

Wait , is this a logical answer ? No , this is not perfect answer or explanation for this question, Because we all are science student and we all need a proof or explanation on how a black hole die. So lets talk how a black hole die ?

Before talking about how a black hole die , firstly lets talk about definition of a black hole. What exactly is a black hole ? As we all know when a massive star die then, it becomes a black.

But Is this a perfect definition of a black hole ? No, this is not perfect. So in terms of Cosmology Black holes are extremely massive objects with immense gravity and strongest gravitational pull that do not allow anything to escape from it, not even a light.

Since this is almost impossible with classical physics to explain this cause ( death of a black hole ) , Because many laws of physics breaks down near a black hole. So with the help of quantum physics we will understand how a black hole dies.

According to Quantum mechanics theories , Subatomic positive particles and negative antiparticle comes into existence all the time. Since the positive particles have positive mass and the negative antiparticle have an opposite negative mass, so they cancel out each other effect , and because of that nothing really significant actually happens. But near a black hole this cancellation process does not occurs due to gravity of black hole.
Well known English Physicist Stephen Hawking this, that near a black hole the cancellation of negative and positive particles does not occurs.

And further he explained, that the particles and antiparticle may not be able to cancel out each other because of the gravitational pull of the black hole. Now let us have a look , that how this cancellation process does not occurs.

Here is the basic concept that , when a particle and antiparticle comes in existence near a black hole then black hole’s gravity pulls the negative antiparticle in the zone of the black hole. Because of this positive particles are left alone and thus the cancellation process does not occur , making the positive particles as real.
And in this explanation, he also stated that , These positive particles are then, emitted from the black hole. And he further called them as Hawking radiation.

So , When Someone ask you What is Hawking radiation ? Then Just say , they are positive particles which are emitted from the black hole.

So from above explanation we have understood , how a black hole releases its energy in the form of Hawking radiation.

And after a long time , the black holes start loosing mass due to gradual addition of antiparticles.
And according to Stephen Hawking the black holes would evaporate. During this process of evaporation , the black holes emits energy continuously in the form of the positive particles that escape from it.
And after a very very long time the black hole would eventually lose so much mass and after that it starts becoming small and unstable day by day. And so we can say this is the end of life of a black hole or in a simple words we can say this is how or why a black hole die.

The time of this life loosing process totally depends on the size of the black hole .The more massive the black hole , The more time will be taken in its evaporation and also more energy will be released.

This end of a black hole or the explosion at the end of the life of a black hole is called as gamma ray bursts.
So by this Article We understood how a black hole emits the positive particles and lose its life or we can say this is how a black hole dies. Today so far we learnt many new terms like , Hawking radiation and Evaporation of a black hole. So, that’s it for today , Hope you enjoyed reading this article: Can a black hole die ? How do black holes die? And satisfied with the explanation. And now at last , Thank you for your time and attention.


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