Cosmic Inflation | Theory , Development, Cause , Strength.

Cosmic Inflation

Image credit : flickr Topic : Cosmic Inflation | theory , development, cause , strength. Introduction: Hello and welcome , today we are going to discuss about most important part or theory of Cosmology. As we all know before 13 billion years (approximately) from now Big Bang happened and the universe started expanding from a … Read more

Black Hole And Its Types | All About Black Holes

Black hole

Topic : Black Hole and Its Types | All about black holes image credit : pixabay Black Hole A black hole is a curve in spacetime fabric where gravity is so strong ,from which nothing can escape ,not even light or any Particles. The idea of an object in space so massive and dense that … Read more

What Are Gravitational Waves ?

Gravitational waves

Image Credit: needpix Gravitational waves : Before talking about Gravitational waves , Let’s talk about ,  What is a Wave ? So, wave is defined as the disturbance or disorder that transfers energy from one point to another point or from point to point in a medium ( Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Vacuum). Now let’s move on to our … Read more