What Happens When A Particle Of Matter Meets Its Corresponding Antiparticle Of Antimatter ?

collision of particle and antiparticle

Image Credit : Flickr Topic: What happens when a Particle of Matter meets its corresponding antiparticle of antimatter ? Q. What happens when a Particle of Matter collide with its corresponding antiparticle of antimatter ? Ans: So, When a particle of matter collides with its corresponding antiparticle in this situation the mass transforms into energy. … Read more

Betelgeuse : (A Mysterious Star) ,Facts You Should Know 2021

Betelgeuse Star

Image Credit : Flickr Betelgeuse: (A Mysterious Star) ,Facts You Should Know 2021 Betelgeuse: Betelgeuse is a red Supergiant mysterious Star which can be seen by our naked eyes in the night sky. Betelgeuse  is Second Brightest  Star (First one is Rigel)  in the Orion Constellation and Tenth Brightest star in the Night Sky. If … Read more

Irregular Galaxy – Types , Size, Mass, Formation And Examples

irregular galaxy

Image Credit : Flickr Topic : Irregular galaxy – Types , Size, mass, Formation and examples Introduction: When we hear the word “galaxy” the first thing which comes in our mind is our milky way galaxy. But Did you know what type of galaxy is milky way ? If you know then that’s awesome and If … Read more

What Are Different Types Of Nebula ? Nebula

Nebula, Different types of nebula

Topic : What are different types of nebula? There are mainly four different types of nebula: Diffuse nebula Planetary nebula Protoplanetary nebula Supernova remnants Introduction: Hello and welcome everyone ,today we are going to discuss about cloud. Oh Wait ,I am not talking about the cloud which we see in sky. Here I am talking … Read more

Astronomy Vs Astrology : What Is The Difference Between Astronomy And Astrology ?

astronomy vs astrology

Topic : Astronomy vs Astrology : What is the difference between Astronomy and Astrology ? Introduction: Today we are going to discuss about Astronomy and Astrology. In this article we will see the definition of astronomy and astrology and also we will see difference between them( astronomy and astrology ). So, Firstly lets start with … Read more