What Is A Positron ?


Image Credit : Flickr Topic : What is Positron ? Positron : Positron is a positively charged subatomic particle. It is also called Positive Electron , having the same mass and magnitude of charge as the electron. It is the first antiparticle to be detected , Constituting the antiparticle of a negative electron. Positrons were … Read more

What Is Gravitational Force ?

Gravitational Force

Image Credit : Pixabay Topic : What is Gravitational wave ? What is Gravitational Force? Have you ever thought when we throw an object upward why it always fall downwards. What Causes an object to fall downward ? And also why our earth is revolving around the Sun , instead of traveling in a straight … Read more

What Is A Neutrino ?


What is a neutrino ? A neutrino is the Fundamental Subatomic particle , with no electric charge on it. They are very similar to an electron , The mass of neutrinos are very very small . If we talk about their quantity then Neutrinos are one of the most abundant Subatomic particle in this Universe. And also their interaction rate with matter is … Read more