Here’s how the core of Mars look like

Topic: Here’s how the core of Mars look like

The inner structure of Mars has finally been revealed thanks to Earthquake data collected by NASA’s robotics rover, InSight, since 2019.

As quoted from the BBC, Sunday (25/7/2021) the average thickness of the crust of the Planet Mars is between 24 to 72 kilometers, which means it is thinner than previously estimated.

Most interesting is the size of the core of the Planet Mars. Its radius is 1,830 kilometers, which is on the upper side of scientists’ estimates. This is the first time science has been able to map the interior of Mars. Indeed, similar measurements have been made for the Moon, but the scale of Mars is much larger.

As for Mars’ mantle, which lies between its core and crust, its size is in the range of 1,560 kilometers. Its composition is different from that of Earth, so it is estimated that the two planets came from different materials when they formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

With this information, it is possible for scientists to understand the formation and evolution of planets other than Earth. The internal research method for Mars is the same as Earth, namely by monitoring signals from earthquakes where on Mars, the monitoring is carried out by the InSight rover.

Core of Mars, Mars core
Image: An artist’s impression of the internal structure of Mars. Image credit: David Ducros / IPGP.

“We are for the first time able to see the depths of other planets using seismology and what we see on Mars is a larger and lighter core than expected. This tells quite a bit about how planets evolved in geological time,” said Professor Tim Pike of Imperial College. London, one of the researchers.

InSight’s achievement is also called extraordinary because the earthquake on Planet Mars is very small compared to Earth, never reaching above Magnitude 4.

“Marsquakes are very, very small. So it is much more challenging than doing seismology on Earth. So when this data comes out and is able to see the depth of the planet with that data, it is quite impressive,” he said.

Source: Detik