Dark Energy (an invisible form of energy) : A Short Overview

Dark energy
Illustration showing snapshots from a simulation by astrophysicist Volker Springel of the Max Planck Institute in Germany. It represents the growth of cosmic structure (galaxies and voids) when the universe was 0.9 billion, 3.2 billion and 13.7 billion years old (now). Image via Volker Springel/ MPE/Kavli Foundation.

In the field of Physical Cosmology and astronomy dark energy is an invisible form of energy that is present in the large scale. From Beginning till now we are unable to detect it , But it is present in this universe.This is Just a predicted Definition but in reality no one knows what exactly is Dark Energy.

During Supernovae measurements a team of scientists found that the expanding speed of our universe is not at constant rate.This was the First observational evidence that Scientists found. This evidence Clearly shows that the expansion of the universe is accelerating . After this discovery Scientists thought there is something due to which our universe is expanding at non-constant speed , after many observations Scientists gave the name of this invisible energy as ‘Dark Energy’ .

So we can say Due to the presence of Dark energy our universe is expanding at non- Constant speed.And It was the 1990s when the existence of Dark energy was accepted and Since the 1990s, dark energy has been the most accepted premise to account for the accelerated expansion.