Earth Like Auroras on Planet Mars

Image Credit : An illustration of the auroras on Mars. (Photo: UAE Space Agency)/India Today

Topic : Earth Like Auroras on Planet Mars

Source: India Today

According to reports The UAE’s First-ever Interplanetary mission Probe has Captured the Aurora like Earth’s Aurora on the Red Planet.

The UAE’s Hope Probe has sent high-quality images of First-ever views of Mars’s Aurora.

The high-quality images open up the unprecedented

How are Auroras Formed ?

Auroras, the shimmering, glowing curtains of colour created by charged protons and electrons emitted from the Sun.

Auroras are created when charged particles originating from the Sun’s solar wind are funnelled down into the atmosphere.

Our Earth’s Auroras are Created when the charged particles originating from the Sun’s Solar wind hit into the Earth’s Atmosphere.

When the charged protons and electrons emitted from the Sun and interacting with Earth’s magnetic field are a common sight in polar regions.

However, a similar glow has now been seen somewhere else in our Solar System, just about 300 million kilometers from us on Mars.

Other Information :

The United Arab Emirates Hope Probe, hovering over Mars, has observed a rare phenomenon of light shining above the atmosphere.

The probe observed energetic particles agitating the atmosphere after being funneled by a patchy network of magnetic fields originating from minerals on the surface of Mars.

The probe captured three such events, taking three images of atomic oxygen emission at a wavelength of 103.4 nm from the planet using its Ultraviolet Spectrometer instrument on April 22, 23, and May 6.

“New and striking observations of the discrete aurora from space have been made in the far and extreme ultraviolet bands that are invisible to the human eye,” the UAE Space agency said in a statement.

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Auroras on Mars form when charged particles generated by the Sun’s solar wind are funneled into Mars’ thin atmosphere by a patchy network of magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields are set up by vast deposits of magnetic minerals in the planet’s crust.

While on Earth, auroras are seen around the polar ice caps above and below the planet, on Mars things are different.

Auroras are also seen around its equator on the Red Planet due to the magnetic field buried within the crust.

While auroras have been previously observed by other probes, the HOPE probe has a unique advantage due to its high-altitude orbit that allows it to take a global view of the night side of Mars.

The probe, which has been orbiting Mars since its arrival in February, had previously captured the Solar System’s tallest volcano, Olympus Mons.

The volcano is two and a half times the height of Mount Everest and is formed by thousands of highly liquid basaltic lava flows over a long period of time.

The objective of the probe, dubbed ‘Amal’, is to provide a comprehensive image of the weather dynamics in the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

The probe is a foundation for a much bigger goal — building a human settlement on Mars within the next 100 years.

The UAE also wants the project to serve as a source of inspiration for Arab youth, in a region too often wracked by sectarian conflicts and economic crises.


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