V381 Nor: Facts And Information You Should Know About V381 Nor

V381 Nor
FEED ME.  A double or binary entity such as XTE J1550–564, also called V381 Nor, consists of a massive star orbiting a black hole, which siphons off stellar material to feed its accretion disk. Electromagnetic forces convert the material into X-ray energy that blasts outward in opposite directions. 
                                                                                                                          Credit : ESO/L. Calçada

Source: Astronomy Magazine

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In the year of 1967, a team of Astronomers Discovered a object which was brightest , fast moving and most distant as well.

The object was emitting intense radio energy but the interesting thing was that the object was appearing like a point size structure or star. Later it was called “Quasar”( Quasi-stellar radio object ).

Quasars were once common throughout the whole universe but are now essentially non-existent.

All of the more than 200,000 examples currently known are far away. Their images are like old sepia prints because their light still passes to us and delivers news from earlier eras in cosmic scrapbooks.

According to astronomers and researchers the quasars are formed by rapid flow of energy escaping from the supermassive black holes in the center of the galaxies.

They result from infalling material from stars or nebulae that is captured and, sometimes, accelerated away again. There was a time when quasars were very common in this universe because at that time there was less numbers of black holes or many black holes were in their initial stage.

But in the present time most of the quasars and many other materials have been swallowed by the Supermassive Black holes. And Did you know there is a black hole sitting in the centre of our galaxy milky way.

V381 Nor is a micro-quasar present 17,000 Light-years from Earth in our Milky way galaxy. Astronomers were very surprised after its discovery because this Quasar is small in size and I have already mentioned that most of the massive Quasars and other materials have been Swallowed by the Supermassive Black holes. The other name of V381 Nor is XTE J1550–564 and it is located in the obscure Constellation Norma the Carpenter’s Square.

V381 Nor and Its Components :

CELESTIAL LIGHTHOUSE.  Whether called an X-ray nova or a quasar, this powerful object (center) beams out high-speed jets (left and right) from its perch 17,000 light-years away, closer to Earth than even the Milky Way’s core.
                                                                                                                                       Credit:   NASA/CXC
Source : Astronomy Magazine

According to astronomers it has two components one is a normal star and other is an orbiting black hole. The distance between them is only 8 million kilometres.
Because of the lack of distance between them, the outer atmosphere and wind from the star are captured by its other companion and flow into the acceleration disk of the Black hole.

(Note: Acceleration Disk – Acceleration Disk is a flat, pancake like structure in which material spirals inward, in a rapid way until the gravitational and kinetic energy generated is converted into heat energy.)

But in some cases some of the material never ever finishes its energy or death spiral, and instead of that it starts emitting a radiation jet that gives off X-rays radiation. That is the reason why we hear the news about radiation detected by astronomers. I mean, the energy or radiation jet in this case is beamed in the direction of our planet.

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Though it has a Black hole as a Companion but still it is not a Supermassive Black hole or a Quasar with size of Millions or Billions of Solar masses so , it is called a Micro-quasar. Now the question is what is the major difference between a Quasar and Micro-quasar ? So, now let us talk about it. 

So, Basically in case of Quasars the events which occur would take a week or weeks , months or years to happen, But in case of a Micro-quasar the events occur in minutes, hours or days. 

Major Event :

It was 1998 when V381 Nor(XTE J1550–564) came into headlines and grabbed everyone’s attention because of sudden increase in its brightness. Astronomers found that the brightness of V381 Nor has increased by 1.5 times.

Now the question is why the brightness of V381 Nor suddenly increased. this happened because of Explosion of V381 and it was caught by Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer satellite. After calculating the motions of the visible-star component, scientists easily determined the unseen X-ray-emitting companion outweighed any kind of non-black-hole collapsed object, such as a white dwarf or neutron star.

V381 is about 5 times that of sun’s mass. Astronomers found that, Since the mass of V381 is only about 5 times that of sun’s mass that means a black hole alone must be yanking on the infalling material, which is then heated to millions of degrees until it generates intense electromagnetic radiation in the most energetic part of the X-ray spectrum.

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