1 Year Royal Observatory astronomy Photographs

The photographer’s aim for this image was to divide the human world from the sky by focusing the image on the technique of the Moon in the center.

This time was difficult after sunset and in the dark of the moon behind the buildings.

The curfew imposed in France decides the location – check out these terraces at the photographer’s flat in the middle of Paris.

The photographer had to predict the exact moment and location that the full moon would emerge from behind the buildings.

Here are some the Photographs :

Earth like aurora on planet mars
Image Credit : An illustration of the auroras on Mars. (Photo: UAE Space Agency)/India Today

smallest white dwarf star
The white dwarf ZTF J1901+1458 is about 2,670 miles across, while the moon is 2,174 miles across. The white dwarf is depicted above the Moon in this artistic representation; in reality, the white dwarf lies 130 light-years away in the constellation of Aquila. GIUSEPPE PARIS

Crab nebula

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On Thursday ( 1 July , 2021 ) a article was published in the Journal Nature. According to that article Astronomers have discovered smallest white dwarf star ever. According to reports the size of the star is approximately same as our moon but here the interesting thing is that the mass of the that star is almost greater than mass of the Sun

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Astronomers have discovered an exploding star or a new type of supernova that can provide stellar life cycles. The study, which focused on the 2018zd supernova, confirmed predictions made more than 40 years ago by astronomer Kenichi Nomoto of the University of Tokyo.

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According to reports The UAE’s First-ever Interplanetary mission Probe has Captured the Aurora like Earth’s Aurora on the Red Planet. The UAE’s Hope Probe has sent high-quality images of First-ever views of Mars’s Aurora.