Rigel Star | Most Brightest Star In The Orion Constellation – Size,Mass,Age

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Topic : Rigel Star | Most Brightest Star In The Orion Constellation – Size, Mass, Age

Rigel Star:

Rigel is the most brightest star in the Orion Constellation and one of the brightest star in the night sky. It is also called as Beta Orionis or Beta Orion. Rigel is a companion double star.

What is the Meaning of Word ‘Rigel’ ?

The Word ‘Rigel’ is derived from Arabic word ‘rijl’. The meaning of rijl is leg or foot. The name of Rigel is based on rijl because the position of the Rigel star is in foot of the Orion ( The Hunter ).It is present in the left leg of the giant hunter . That is the reason why we call Rigel as Beta Orionis.

What is the color of Rigel star ?

Rigel is Blue Supergiant and also a companion double star with bluish white color. Name of the two known companions are Rigel B and Rigel C. Scientists predicted that due to its brightness and size the rigel will end with a supernova.

Why is the color of Rigel Star is Blue ?

The  color of the Rigel star is blue because of its hotness , The star which are cooler are red in color while the hotter star are blue in color.

Size :

The size of the Rigel star is 54.89 million km. Which is the 35 times the diameter of the Sun. So we can say the Size of the Rigel is 35 times greater than our Sun.

Age :

Age: 8.005 million years

The Age of the Rigel is approximately 8 million Years. Blue Supergiant Like Rigel are usually a massive giant star so they exit their fuel at very fast rate because of this the star like Rigel live Only for few million years. As we know the age of the Rigel is 8 million years and has already depleted its most fuel at its Core.

Mass :

Mass of the Rigel is 3.58 × 10^31 kg. If we Compare this mass with our Sun then it is 21 times the mass of Sun. However, Rigel is losing around 10 million times more mass as Compared to the rate of Sun Mass.

Which type of Star is Rigel?

Rigel is a B8lab type star or in a Simple word we can say it is a B- type Star.

What is the Distance between earth and Rigel Star ?

The Distance between Rigel and earth is estimated as 864.3 light years.

Rigel Vs Sun :

If we talk about their star type then Rigel is a B8lab type star while sun is G2V type star.

Size Comparison:

The radius of Rigel is 79times the radius of our Sun.

Mass Comparison:

Though Rigel is with Such enormous energy but still it has only 21 times more mass than Sun. Rigel is losing around 10 million times more mass than the rate of the Sun mass.

Distance between Sun and Rigel is estimated as 870 light- years.

Temperature Comparison :

while the Surface temperature of Rigel is around 12000C which is twice as hot as Our Sun.

Rigel vs Betelgeuse :

Rigel is a Blue Supergiant while Betelgeuse is a red Supergiant.

If we talk about star type then Rigel is a B8lab star while Betelgeuse is M1 type star.

In the Orion Constellation Rigel is the most Brightest star while Betelgeuse is the second most brightest star.

Rigel is Commonly know as Beta Orionis while Betelgeuse is known as Alpha Orionis.

Distance between Rigel and Betelgeuse is about 800 light-years. Rigel and Betelgeuse are situated at opposite sides of Orion’s Belt .

If we talk about their size then Betelgeuse has a diameter is 700 times that of the Sun while Rigel has a diameter of about 116 million km which is 35 times that of the Sun.


FAQ : Rigel Star

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”Does Rigel Star have any planet ? ” img_alt=”” css_class=””] The number of planets that revolves around the Rigel is Fourteen(14), more than half of which are inhabited. [/sc_fs_faq]


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