New Discovery : A White Dwarf star with mass greater than sun but with size as small as Moon.

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Topic : New Discovery : A White Dwarf star with mass greater than sun but with size as small as Moon.

On Thursday ( 1 July , 2021 ) a article was published in the Journal Nature. According to that article
Astronomers have discovered smallest white dwarf star
ever. According to reports the size of the star is approximately same as our moon but here the interesting thing is that the mass of the that star is almost greater than mass of the Sun.

“It may seem counterintuitive, but smaller white dwarfs happen to be more massive,” lead author Ilaria Caiazzo said in a statement. “This is due to the fact that white dwarfs lack the nuclear burning that keep up normal stars against their own self gravity, and their size is instead regulated by quantum mechanics.”

Smallest White Dwarf star –

Name, Location and Discoverer :

The name this smallest White dwarf dead star is ZTF J1901+1458, and it is located approximately 130 Million light-years away from Earth.

It was discovered by Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) from Caltech’s Palomar Observatory.

“We caught this very interesting object that wasn’t quite massive enough to explode,” says Caiazzo. “We are truly probing how massive a white dwarf can be.”

Size :

The size of ZTF J1901+1458 dead star is very small ( as I have mentioned above ).

The Diameter of the smallest White dwarf star is 2670 miles , which almost same size as our Moon.

“It is so massive and dense that, in its core, electrons are being captured by protons in nuclei to form neutrons,” Caiazzo said. “Because the pressure from electrons pushes against the force of gravity, keeping the star intact, the core collapses when a large enough number of electrons are removed.”

Formation :

It formed when two small white dwarf stars pair orbiting each other , collided and merged together.

When these two less massive white dwarfs merged, they combined to form a new star, about 1.35 times the mass of our sun.

As I have mentioned above this is the most massive of its kind ever found.

Magnetic field as Compared to Sun :

ZTF J1901+1458 also has an “extreme” magnetic field nearly 1 billion times stronger than the sun, rapidly rotating to complete one full revolution in just seven minutes. It takes the sun about 27 days to complete a rotation.

Researchers believe the star has enough mass to evolve into a neutron star, which typically forms when a star with a much larger mass than the Sun explodes in a supernova.

If his hypothesis is correct, it means that many neutron stars in the universe must have formed in this previously unknown way.

What about our Sun ?

As we all know the vast majority of stars becomes white dwarf at the end of their lives.

And also these white dwarf are the one of the densest objects in the universe.

According to researchers, In about 5 billion years , our sun will become a red giant.

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