Solar Notebook go anywhere sustainably

Solar Notebook go anywhere sustainably, Solar Laptops
Image of Solar Laptop

Solar-powered laptops sure would be a great thing to have in mass production to (1) cut down on energy consumption and (2) not have to worry as much about the battery dying. One concept design that looks interesting is by Nikola Knezevic of Nikoladesign.

Kenzevic’s solar-powered laptop design is said to have “complete power autonomy.” Power instead is supplied to the computer by an attached large solar panel. This panel, when not in use, can be detached. A smaller built-in battery would run the system at that point. There is also a DC in jack built into this design, just in case, we suppose, you happen to have a rainy day.

What seems to make this solar-powered design also more generally functional is the proposed built-in GPS, Internet browsing, and satellite telephone access. We could certainly see a lot of uses for a portable device such as this, especially when hiking deep in the woods where you don’t find any power outlets.