Sun Facts: Interesting Facts About Sun , Latest Facts About Sun 2021

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Topic : Sun Facts: Interesting Facts About Sun , Latest Facts about Sun 2021


A star in our Solar system Which Provides Heat and Energy to our planet.

Interesting Facts About Sun:

1) It was the time of around 450 BC when a greek philosopher named Anaxagoras came forward with his Idea that Sun is a Star. He Was the First Person to do So.

2) The Day and the time which we calculate is based on the movement of the earth around Sun. For Example If earth Complete its one revolution then it is 1 year on the earth.

3) It is estimated that the age of the Sun is around 4.5 billion years.

4) As we know the age of sun is 4.5 billion years , If you think sun is old giant star , So you are wrong , the sun is young star and it is a part of generation know as Population I.

5) When we compare a normal human size with earth size we see a large size gap between both , But did you know in a sun you can fit 1.3 million earths. And also sun is the largest object in the solar system.

6) The Mass of the Sun is 333,000 times the mass of earth and It Occupies approximately 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar system.
(Note: The Mass of earth is 5.97219 × 10^24 kg.)

7) The Distance between earth and Sun is approximately 391 times the distance between earth and moon.

In numbers the distance between earth and sun is 151.06 million km.
Yet it is closest star from earth.

8) The Sun is approximately 30,000 light years far away from the Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.

9) It takes approximately 8 minutes and 28 Seconds For the light of the Sun to reach the Surface of the earth.

10) Because of the Gravitational Force of the Sun , Earth revolves around the Sun, So we can say Without Sun , earth would travel in a Straight line.

11) Gravity of the Sun is 274 m/s² Which is 28 times Stronger than Gravity of the earth.

12) Helioseismology is the study of the interior part of the Sun.

13) There are many satellites through which we study of Sun , From Which the Main one is “Solar and Heliospheric Observatory” Commonly know as SOHO.

14) With the Help of Photosynthesis process Plants make their food From the energy produced by the Sun. Due to which there is life on earth.

15) In the interior part of the sun there occurs a process named fusion , In which 2 hydrogen atoms fuses in 1 helium atom , which produces a large amount of energy.

16) Nuclear Fusion occur within the core of the Sun due to which its temperature reaches 5500 to 6000 degree Celsius , Causing a higher pressure.

17) Three Types of Radiations are emitted by the Sun :
– Visible Light
– Ultraviolet Ray
– Infrared Radiation

18) The Ultraviolet Ray Produced by the Sun also have antiseptic Properties.

19) It takes approximately thousands of thousands years for the heat and energy to Reach the surface of the Sun from its Core.

20) The amount of energy released during a Solar flare is equal to the explosion of millions of megaton hydrogen bombs. Solar Flare are Magnetic energy released by the sun causing a rapid variation in brightness of Sun.

21)We see that our sun is yellowish in color but in reality it is white, Means we can say our sun is mixture of all color. Due to atmospheric scattering phenomenon we see it as yellowish in color.

22)Its brightness is equal to 4 trillion trillion 100-watt light bulbs.

23)By the observation with telescopes we saw that some part of the sun is dark , this is because some part of the sun is cooler than other part. And we call this dark appearance as Sunspots. They have very strong magnetic field.

24)The Size of the sun is about 400 times the size of moon.

25)The rotation speed of different parts of the sun is different , at the equator it is fastest. The speed of sun while revolving around the milky way galaxy is 220km/sec.

26)The time taken by sun to complete its revolution around the entire galaxy is 250 Million years.

27)Sun is gaseous Giant it has no Solid surface, in simple words we can say ‘sun is a ball of gas’.

28)As we know Sun is mainly made up of 2 elements that is Hydrogen and Helium , and there composition is :
Hydrogen- 91%
Other Gases-1%

29)Sun Contain different layers their names are as follows:
– The Corona
– Photosphere
– Chromosphere
– The Core

30) Currently Sun is 4.6 billion years old and it has enough fuel to burn for next 5 Billion years. And When it will be completely burn out ,then it will expand and it will become a red giant and after sometime it will swallow all planets and then its outer layers will collapse and then It will become a White dwarf.


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