Silicon Nano Crystals Could Triple Solar Efficiency

Solar Power converts photons to electrons. For as long as solar power has existed, I’ve considered this to be a one-to-one relationship. A photon hits some sort of electrically unstable substance, and an electron jumps across some sort of barrier creating a current. I’ve never questioned that this is as good as we can do. … Read more

Transmitting Data Through LED Light Bulbs

LEDs are a fantastic technology. They are more efficient and less polluting than compact fluorescent light bulbs and come with a host of other advantages. But one advantage that is certainly new to us is the possibility of using them to transmit data. Or at least, so says the Smart Lighting research team at Boston … Read more

Solar Notebook go anywhere sustainably

Solar-powered laptops sure would be a great thing to have in mass production to (1) cut down on energy consumption and (2) not have to worry as much about the battery dying. One concept design that looks interesting is by Nikola Knezevic of Nikoladesign. Kenzevic’s solar-powered laptop design is said to have “complete power autonomy.” … Read more