Top 5 Best Science Museum In The USA

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Topic : Top 5 Best Science Museums in the USA

Hello Viewers today we are going to see Top 5 best Science museums in the USA, In which you can visit in the future vacation. If you are a Science student or Space lover , then you gonna enjoy visiting these fantastic Science Museums. One of the best way to learn along with fun is by visiting Science Museums. Now without wasting our time lets get started.

Here are the Top 5 Best Science Museums in the USA to visit.

(5) Arkansas Museum of Discovery, Little Rock :

This Fantastic Science Museum is in Little Rock. If you are in Little Rock then, you must visit this amazing Science Museum. In this museum you will see things related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

And also you will be able to interact with displays from foam architecture to ball mazes. After visiting this museum you will learn many things along with fun.
Now lets move forward and talk about our next best museum.

(4) Discovery Place, Charlotte

Discovery place, this museum is a fantastic place to spend a day. This museum is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. So , make sure when you visit North Carolina next time then , be sure to make a trip to Discovery place.

Discovery place kids is a best museum to make a trip with your kids, because it offers learn through play experience. Discovery place kids is a branch of Main Discovery place museum.

Apart from kids museum, It also have a branch for Science students called Discovery Place Education Studio, which offers many professional experiences.

So , this is all about Discovery place museum , now lets move forward and see which museum occupies the 3rd place.

(3) Franklin Institute , Philadelphia

Franklin Institute is one of the oldest Science Museum in the United States, Inspite of being oldest Science Museum , It provides the modern experience to the visitors.

This museum was founded nearly 200 years ago , in 1824. The speciality of this museum is that, this museum offers both research facility and museum experience as well.

The name of this museum was given after the name of famous inventor Benjamin Franklin.
This museum displays the discovery of electricity which was done by Franklin.

So next time if you visit Philadelphia then must make trip of this oldest Science Museum.

(2) National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC

Have you seen Night at the Museum 2 film ? This museum was used in that film. If you have not seen it in the movie then , you must visit this museum once in your life , Because this is one of the most visited museum in the world.

And also National Air and Space Museum contains important piece of aerospace history of Wright brothers plane and parts of Apollo 11.

So this is all about this museum , now lets talk about Best Science Museum in the United States.

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(1) Museum of Science , Boston

If you do not want to visit any of above four museum then not visit it , But do not forget to visit this Museum of Science which is located in Boston. Because the Museum of Science is undoubtedly best Science Museum in the United States.

In this museum you will displays on Branches of Science and also this museum has its own zoo , In which you can see real animals. So do not forget to visit this fantastic Science Museum.

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In this Article : Top 5 Best Science Museum in the USA , We saw the Best 5 museum of United States.
I will highly recommend you to visit these Science Museum. Because they are fantastic in all ways and you can spend your vacation there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on best Science Museum in United States. So that’s it for today , have a good day.

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