What Are Gravitational Waves ?

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Gravitational waves :

Before talking about Gravitational waves , Let’s talk about ,  What is a Wave ? So, wave is defined as the disturbance or disorder that transfers energy from one point to another point or from point to point in a medium ( Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Vacuum).

Now let’s move on to our original topic i.e

What are Gravitational waves ?

Basically Gravitational waves are disturbances or ripples in the fabric of Space-time. Which are caused by acceleration or movement of the massive objects. And they travel at the speed of light throughout the universe.

Gravitational waves are first predicted by Albert Einstein in his theory ( Theory of Relativity ) in the year of 1916.The First Observation of Gravitational waves are made on September 14 , 2015 by LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory). It was the First time Scientists has detected it.

How Many Gravitational waves are detected ?

Till Date a total of 23 confirmed Gravitational waves are detected by the researchers. And If we talk about their origin , then out of 23 Gravitational waves , 20 of them are produced due to the merging of two massive black holes , While 2 of them are produced due to the merging of Neutron Stars. And 1 is produced due to the merging of a black hole and a neutron star.

What Causes Gravitational waves ?

As I have already mentioned above, that Gravitational waves are disturbances in the Space-time Fabric and are Caused by movement of heavy objects. And also there are some different ways through which they can be produced , For example  By Some of the most huge and energetic processes or events in the universe.

Mainly Gravitational waves are produced by massive events such as colliding black holes , Supernovae  and also they can be produced when two Neutron stars collide.

Let’s take a common example to understand how they are produced. They are like the ripples in the water caused by a ship or boat. Where heavy objects like black holes or Neutron Stars are ship and the ripples are Gravitational waves caused by their movement across space-time fabric.

I mean to , we already have seen a ship or boat running in a calm river or sea. Similarly in the space time fabric Neutron Stars or Black holes or some heavy objects act as ship and the ripples made by them are Gravitational waves. Hope you understood this.

Why are Gravitational waves are So difficult to detect ?

Due to the less interaction with the normal matter , It is very difficult to detect a Gravitational wave.

And the reason why they are less interactive is that, they can travel freely through the universe without getting absorbed or Scattered like electromagnetic radiation.

And also we can say because of lack of our technologies we are unable to detect it in a very high amount.