What Is A Neutrino ?

What is a neutrino ?

A neutrino is the Fundamental Subatomic particle , with no electric charge on it. They are very similar to an electron , The mass of neutrinos are very very small .

If we talk about their quantity then Neutrinos are one of the most abundant Subatomic particle in this Universe. And also their interaction rate with matter is very low, that is the reason why they are very hard to detect.

There are more similarities between electrons and neutrinos , Let’s talk about their main similarities that is , both of them do not participate in the strong nuclear force , while they both participate in the weak nuclear force. And also both of them belongs to same family that is Lepton Family , Basically the lepton members do not participate in strong nuclear force , But they participate in weak nuclear force.

Now let’s talk about their charges , So as we know Neutrinos do not have any charge , While the electron have charge and the anti-particles of electron which is positron also have charge as they all belongs to lepton family.

Till date we know there are three types of neutrinos .Each type of neutrinos is related to a charged particle, which gives its name to the corresponding neutrino . Therefore, “electron neutrinos” are associated with electrons, and two other neutrinos are associated with heavier versions of electrons called muons and tau.