What Is Gravitational Force ?

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Topic : What is Gravitational wave ?

What is Gravitational Force?

Have you ever thought when we throw an object upward why it always fall downwards. What Causes an object to fall downward ? And also why our earth is revolving around the Sun , instead of traveling in a straight path , and also why our moon (Luna) is revolving around the earth ? In these all cases we can see something is there that is acting on each object.

Well let’s discuss , what is that thing which is acting invisibly on each object. Actually it is a force and according to Newton it is a Gravitational Force .

Now the question is who was the First person to tell about Gravitational Force Well, as I have already mentioned in the above paragraph that Issac Newton was the First person who defined Gravitational Force.

And Now Let’s talk about how Gravitational force was predicted. Actually people says Once Sir Issac Newton was sitting under a Apple tree and suddenly an apple fell on him . And after that Newton started thinking that if the earth is attracting an apple then , Can it not attract the moon.

And after a deep analysis Newton said there is something that is acting in both cases . And this lead to the Idea of Gravitational force.

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