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Topic : What is the color of sun

What is the color of sun ?

The actual color of the sun is white. Now the question is, if the color of the sun is white then why it appears as yellow in the morning and afternoon and also red , orange, or magenta in early morning and evening. Did you know the reason behind this ? If not , then here is your answer : The sun appears in different colors other than white due to atmospheric scattering.

Now the question is what is atmospheric scattering ? Well, before talking about this firstly lets talk about Scattering. What is scattering ? So, scattering is a phenomenon in which rays of the light get deviated from its original path on striking or colliding with molecules or dust. Now you can easily understand what is atmospheric scattering.

Basically, it is a type of scattering due to atmosphere of the earth. It means that when the white light emitted by sun enters in the atmosphere of the earth then it gets scattered due to gas molecules , water Vapour and dust present in the atmosphere of the earth.

Now you have understood what exactly is atmospheric scattering and what is the color of sun. So you can skip this page. If you want more information about sun and sunlight then continue your reading.

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One more general question is arised by the people that , if the sun is white then how can we see its white light. So it can be seen from space or when the sun is high in the sky. Hope you got your answer.

General information about the Sun :

• Diameter of Sun :

1.39 Million kilometre or 109 times that of earth.

•Mass of Sun :

Its mass is about 330,000 times that of earth.

• Distance from Earth :

149,600,000 kilometre.


4.6 billion years.

The sun light is white ( seen from space ) in color because sun emits light across the visible spectrum. Now ,

What is visible spectrum ?

In short ‘ Visible spectrum is the such portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to human eye ‘ . If you talk about its type then Sun is a G2V type star with surface temperature of 5,778k or 5,505°C.

And the average luminance of the sun is about 1.88 giga Candela per Square meter. And here is the last information I would like to give you that the sunlight at the top of the earth’s atmosphere is composed of about 50% of Infrared light , 40% of Visible light and 10% of the ultraviolet light.

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