Will The Sun Become A Black Hole ?| Is It Possible For Sun To Become A Black Hole ?

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Will the sun become a black hole ?

A general question arrised by the people and students that, Will the Sun become a black hole ? If you want a quick answer , then the answer is ‘No’ , Yes it is very true that sun is a massive object as compared to earth and planets in our solar system. But the sun will never become a black hole , because Sun is too small for that.

Now the question is , If the sun is too small , then Which type of Stars becomes the black hole ? Well , now lets talk about it in detail.

As we all know the mass of the sun is 1988500000000000000000000000000 which is 333000 times the mass of the earth .

But still this mass is very less as compared to massive giant stars. According to some calculations, scientists have estimated that, The sun would need to be about 20 times more massive as compared to current sun to end its life as a black hole or to become a black hole.

That means if a star is 20 times or more massive as compared to our sun then, that type of stars can explode into a supernova to end their life as a black hole (Black hole are objects with massive mass and immense gravitational pull.)

As we all know Some smaller stars are big enough to go supernova, but they are too small and they can not become a black hole.

Now the question is if the small stars are not massive enough to become a black hole then , what they become at the end of their life ? So the answer of this question is , they become neutron star ( Neutron stars are stars with super- dense structure.) after exploding as a supernova.

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Lets summarize all this and make a conclusion, as we all know super – massive stars becomes the black hole after their death and on the other hand small stars becomes neutron stars after exploding.

Now there is a very interesting point that is , our sun is not massive enough to become a neutron star either. I know you are shocked with this fact, But this is true .

As per estimation our sun has only about one – tenth of the mass as compared to required mass.

So , now the question is , If the sun will not become a black hole and neutron star as well, Then what will happen to the Sun ? Is sun is going to live forever ?

No , one day will come , when sun will also die and will end up its life as a white dwarf ( A small and dense remnant of a star ). But we will be not there to see this because, it is going to happen in next 5 to 6 billion years.

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It means that after 5-6 billion years from now sun will begin to run out of fuel because, we all know like other stars sun also make energy by fusing hydrogen atom , this all process happen in the core of the Sun.

But in next 5-6 billion years sun will start run out of hydrogen atom and due to which sun will not be able to make energy and at last it will explode into a white dwarf.

So that’s it for today , we have learnt many things about the sun from article : Will the sun become a black hole ? We saw why sun can not become a black hole.

So , I hope you enjoyed reading. And once again that’s it for today , have a good day.


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